• Pressure & Differential Pressure Transmitter, Liquid & Gas Analyzers- Moisture Analyzers, Recorders- Single Loop Controllers - Electric Actuators

  • Radar & Untrasonic Level-Magnetic Flowmeters-Coriolis Mass FlowMeters-Vortex Flowmeters-Ultrasonic Flowmeters

  • Portable and Fixed Gas Detection.  Combustible and Toxic Monitoring

  • Rotameters- Varea Meters- Purge Meters- Armored Flowmeters

  • BarGraph, Aalog and Digital Panel Indicators- Analong Switchboard Indicators

  • Inductive & Capacitance Proximity Sensors, Photelectric Sensors, Actuator Position Sensors, Speed Monitors.

  • Purge Meters- Pressure Regulators- Thermal Mass Flowmeters

  • Signal Conditioners - Isolators - Alarms - Loop Powered Indicators- Wireless Telemetering

  • Thermocouples - RTD Sensors - Thermowells - T/C Wire

  • Thermal Mass Flowmeters & Thermal Flow and Level Switches

  • Industrial Communication Equipment, PA Systems, Wireless Radio Paging, and Telephone Couplers

  • Calibrators

  • Liquid and Gas Flow Switches

  • "Dual-Snap" Pressure & Temperature Switches

  • Signal Conditioners, Alarms, Transmitters, Signal Splitters, and Power Supplies

  • Magnetic Liquid Level Gages, Sight Flow and Level Indicators

  • Intrinsic Safety Barriers - Intrinsically Safe Remote I/O Systems

  • Precision Gas Regulators

  • Orifice Plates, Venturi Tubes, Flow Nozzles

  • Stainless Steel Compression Tube Fittings

  • Lo Range Pressure Gauges, Pressure Switches, Controls and Valve

  • Batch Counters, Totalizers, Flow Computers and Controls

  • Chart Paper, Recorder Pens, Ribbons, Ink

  • Wireless Transmitter/Receiver for Process Control Signals

  • Moisture, Humidity, Dewpoint

  • Moisture Analyzer, Humidity & Dew Point Transmitters

  • BLX/VAC is an Independant manufacturer of Valve Accessories and Controls for the process industry. Our product package consists of valve positioners, position indicating switches and track and pinin actuators.

  • "Triple - Beam" & Conventional Photoelectric Switches- Timers- Counters

  • Digital Pressure and Temperature Gauges, Transmitters and Alarms

  • Dialers, Alarm Systems

  • Weschler Instruments has acquired the Power Series Plus (PSP) line from Yokogawa’s Meters & Instruments Division.  These rugged switchboard meters feature one, two or three digital displays and easily replace less capable analog meters.  Up to three analog outputs allow the Power Series Plus meters to also function as transducers for remote monitoring.  The RS-485 Modbus option simplifies networking and computer control.

    The PSP line complements Weschler’s extensive family of Digital Bargraph Meters, which can also be used to measure AC power systems.  Additionally, Weschler manufactures industry-standard, Westinghouse-style analog switchboard meters.

    Please contact Weschler’s exclusive Representative Cavcon, Inc. for future application requirements.

  • RKI Gas Detectors

    Introducing the latest evolution in gas detection!

    GX-3R – smallest confined space monitor

    GX-3R Pro – smallest 5-gas monitor with Bluetooth

  • REOTEMP is a globally recognized ISO 9001 - 2008 manufacturer of temperature and pressure instrumentation.

  • Continuous flow measurement with air or gas entrainments in the medium

    Additional Information

  • Download the product data sheet here.

  • Component Heaters, Process Heaters, Packaged Heat Transfer Systems, Controls, Industrial Comfort Heaters, Heating Cable